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Welcome to The Blue Apron

The Blue Apron is a Brooklyn, NY supper club, founded with the mission of bringing the fine dining experience to everyone.

The Fine Dining Experience

The Blue Apron, a new supper club based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is a monthly event that aims to bring the fine dining experience to everyone - in the non-stuffy atmosphere of Brooklyn. The evening begins with a cocktail, a canape, and some house-made charcuterie. Next, you will be served a six course tasting menu, each dish with its own specially paired wine or cocktail. After the meal, you’re welcome to enjoy an after-dinner cocktail, or just relax with your new friends.

Our preparations utilize classic French techniques and local seasonality to produce a menu that features dishes designed to combine new and familiar tastes in a creative yet always flavorful way. Each course takes into account any food allergies or preferences (including vegetarian and allergies to gluten, lactose, peanuts, etc...), with most courses offering a choice of dishes to make sure everyone is satisfied.

The cost for the evening is a preset donation amount.

Check out our website for upcoming dates, past menus, pictures and descriptions from past events, recipes of some of our favorite dishes, and a form to join our mailing list. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we look forward to having you as our guest.